Our Company

Mission & Vision :

Vision :

To be the foremost provider of healthcare & hygiene solutions that help create disease-free environments populated by healthier people.

Mission :

To constantly innovate in the health and hygiene space and create products that deliver convenient, effective and innovative solutions to consumer problems.

The Disinfectant Division :

Cost-competitive and technically advanced, the products offered by this new division are a range of Antiseptics and Disinfectants for application in healthcare and related industries :

  1. Disinfectants for surgical instrumentation.
  2. Hand and body wash, Sanitizers and Antiseptics
  3. Pre and post-operative surgical scrubs.
  4. Antimicrobial washes.

The Dishman Care product range offers superior performance over other leading brands for Minimum Inhibitory Concentration.

All products are:

  1. Standardized and stabilized for physical, chemical and microbial properties.
  2. Fully documented as per international and local market regulatory requirements.
  3. Available in innovative user friendly packs.
  4. Superior over leading brands for MIC.

Dishman Group- Global Partnership Solutions :

The world's greatest idea is only as good as its execution; as a product is as good as its manufacturing process.

Dynamic in character and a leading player of the global pharmaceutical industry. The Dishman group has proved this adage multiple times over by offering a continuum of high-value and high-quality products and services for over decades.

With a commitment to deliver cost-competitive technical excellence, Dishman supplies pharmaceutical products and services of development, scale-up and manufacturing, each strengthened by continual investment to ensure unremitting excellence.

A global outsourcing partner to pharmaceutical giants, Dishman has focused on adding value to each of its Partners, whose triumphs have paved the way for Dishman's thriving success.

Extensive products and services offered:-

  • Span from chemical development to commercial manufacture, and supply of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).
  • Have western expertise in speed, flexibility, innovation and rapid material provision.
  • Are endowed with new-world expertise in process optimization, robust large-scale processes ad secure economic commercial supply.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India, Dishman is listed On Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).